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Luxury Apartments in Hyderabad
July 31,2021, -- 3 mints read

The Future of Urban living in Hyderabad

How we design, build, and operate our city defines who the residents of the city are. Hyderabad has seen an urban lifestyle push with luxury apartments in Hyderabad attracting millennials and contemporary lifestyle seeking silver community. Although many premium apartments in Hyderabad sit outside the hustle and bustle of prominent areas, realtors have designed them to reflect urban design elements. People from all walks of life especially millennials and empty-nesters are preferring to buy flats in a premium community that harbours new age living standards like eco-living. Recent trends in the real estate market suggest that the buyers are focusing on the quality of life which seems to be the future of urban living in Hyderabad.


Space Matters

Space just does not mean the square footage inside the apartment, but also involves common areas that offer many of the amenities that balance solitude and socialising areas. The pandemic has unravelled a new reality of working from home which blurred the lines of work suits and pyjamas. Such reality has redefined and spiked the importance of space. The future of urban living involves a wide variety of designated spaces like bicycling tracks, senior citizen areas, child play areas, socialising deck, pet walking areas and wellness centres. Many leading realtors like Vaishnavi Infracon are unveiling such premium flats in Hyderabad.


Control Over Technology

Living in apartment communities in future will demand more control over technology. Access to technology like free wifi areas is a thing of the past. Home automation is gaining traction which allows residents to remotely control all their appliances and monitor home security. The key for property developers of apartment communities is to stay on top of rapidly changing technological innovations. What residents want today for controlling technology can change as soon as tomorrow.


A Strong Sense of Community

Despite the focus on how technology has irrevocably changed how we interact, many residents of luxury apartments in Hyderabad are choosing to live connected. Living in a single-family home can limit the number of social interactions each member of the household has each day. People are moving away from isolated living towards community living. Realtors like Vaishnavi Infracon are making the most of this opportunity to connect their residents with other members of the community via common activity areas and interactive settings.


Health and Wellness

Health and wellness amenities are not limited to a fitness centre. Residents of premium apartments in Hyderabad also want access to urban farming which allows residents to harvest naturally grown foods. A short walk to the express community supermarket, jogging tracks, yoga and meditation halls, etc allow residents to break the monotony and indulge in a wide variety of activities throughout the day to maintain their overall health and wellness.


Eco Awareness

With spiking energy costs, repeated load shedding and the prospect of water shortage, there is a growing demand for energy- and water-efficient features in both commercial and residential properties in Hyderabad. Premium flats in Hyderabad are focusing on promoting eco-friendly solutions like solar panels and rainwater harvesting. People of Hyderabad have woken to the awareness around climate change and are flocking towards luxury apartments in Hyderabad that promote eco-friendly initiatives.


Named to reflect the best of both worlds, Vaishnavi Infracon is perfectly placed at the intersection of flourishing green surrounds and generously close to thriving precincts of Hyderabad. An abundance of contemporary offerings awaits, surrounded by the bliss of nature, there is much to discover in highly coveted Vaishnavi Infracon projects. Looking for premium flats in Hyderabad with remarkable amenities? Head to Vaishnavi Infracon, realtors offering sophisticated spaces primed for entertaining and luxurious areas to rest, and, do very little.


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