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2BHK Flats for sale In Hyderabad
MARCH 25, 2021, -- 3 mints read

New Beginning of New Era

Hyderabad is on a mission of ‘green’ which accelerates sustainability. As a part of the green movement, the real estate sector has put a high priority on the energy consumption rates of buildings since energy supplies from various sources are depleting globally. To achieve sustainability, buildings should be constructed in a way that lasts for many generations. This requires the real estate sector to update their knowledge to suit the future climate and the resources available to maintain the operations, in particular the energy consumption, of buildings. In a changing climate with predicted increases in average temperatures in Hyderabad, green buildings in Hyderabad are picking up pace. Even on a global stage, green buildings have been identified as a key strategy for combating climate change.


What are green buildings?

Green buildings are those which are constructed in a way that lower the impact on the environment than traditional buildings. Green building technology can range from simple technologies such as insulation to more sophisticated technologies such as solar power. A few other features of green buildings are green roofs, solar panels, locally sourced materials, renewable building materials, water tanks, onsite wastewater treatment and dispersal, use of natural or low volatile organic compound paints, and insulation. If utilised right, solar energy can provide renewable electricity which will reduce demands on the grid. Green building is constructed using technologies that consider and reduce its overall impact on the environment and human health. A green building uses less energy and water. This is achieved through better site development practices, design, construction, operation, maintenance, removal and possible re-usable materials.


How Hyderabad can benefit from green buildings?

A standard building is not environmentally friendly. A significant amount of energy and materials are used to build new homes and there’s often a lot of waste left over. By using green and sustainable building techniques, you can build homes home that are more energy-efficient, healthier to live in and better for the environment. Green buildings don't cost the earth. Careful consideration of sun paths and shading is vital in positioning rooms in order to maximise natural light, warmth and airflow. So the buildings naturally are cooler in summer and healthier while using less energy and water. Introducing high-level technologies are a greater investment with great returns like solar energy and water harvesting. Green buildings have access to public transport and amenities reducing the day-to-day carbon footprint. So, choosing to live in a green building helps Hyderabad preserve its water resources, puts less pressure on electricity consumption and reduces hospital bills without compromising in comfort and style.


Sustainable living by Vaishnavi Infracon

In Hyderabad's ever-competitive space of property development, Vaishnavi Infracon India PVT Ltd is led by a future-focused vision in delivering one of the best living for the people of two states (AP & TG). With 20+ years of experience and delivering 40+ projects in the residential, commercial and hospitality sectors, we are moving towards a futuristic plan for Hyderabad. With innovation and experience working together, we've crafted many affordable luxury projects that raised the benchmark for quality, customer focus and robust engineering.


One such new sustainable living project is taking shape under the wings of Vaishnavi Infracon India PVT Ltd in Hyderabad. This project exhibits a fine example of proven traditional construction style but with a refreshing twist of modern structures. Vaishnavi's sustainable buildings are being designed to use many eco-friendly construction materials like red bricks which are durable and hard than any other type of brick/cement block. Even though the pocket pinch is higher with red bricks, it is being used as it can resist severe wind and extreme weather conditions. Red bricks are excellent heat retarders which means the rooms are naturally cooler compared to the rooms built with commercial cement blocks. Additionally, Rcc framed structure that withstands wind & seismic loads are being used for the project. A solar-powered security fence shall feature for security purposes. The building also hosts garbage chutes for every floor level which are centrally collected for better waste disposal. A hydro-pneumatic system shall be in place for 100% treated water that eliminates the need of running the water pump continuously. For resident convenience, high-speed automatic passenger lifts with a rescue device with V3F shall be installed for energy efficiency.


Great flooring visually impacts any space. One might get carried away just for the looks without considering the practical aspects while selecting the right type of floor tiles for flats. Vaishnavi Infracon believes in a premium style coupled with practicality. Hence, the flooring for living, dining, kitchen and bedrooms shall feature double-charged vitrified tiles which add a splash of high-end style while offering superb durability. They are environmentally friendly too! Ceramic tiles shall grace the walls of the bathrooms as it is the most environmentally friendly tile right from mining to installation. The project is carefully curated and designed to fit the luxury dream of its residence while giving back to the environment.


For more details on sustainable living at Vaishnavi Infracon, write to us at


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