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MARCH 19, 2021, -- 3 mints read

5 things to look for while purchasing a luxury apartment

Long gone are the days of miniature apartment accomodating huge families. Apartment living is now sophisticated, urban, community-oriented and inspiring. With an increase in luxury apartments, residents are looking for more than just a roof over their heads. Social activities, gardens, community farming and other world-class amenities are a must if a property is eligible to be called 'luxury'. Home is not just a space to live but an entire experience of a luxury lifestyle. By working closely with architects and interior designers, property developers are now offering state-of-the-art facilities and eco-friendly spaces. With such a trend comes big competition, and to decide among them, it helps to know what you need to look for while purchasing a luxury apartment. Here are the top 5 things you need to keep in mind before purchasing a luxury flat.


A project that's surrounded by busy traffic noise does not provide a luxurious experience. It is also not a luxury experience if the location is not well connected to the city's buzz and essential services. So, it's the fine balance of peace and connectivity that sets the right tone of luxury living. Sometimes, the most spectacular apartments disappoint as an investment if it is located in a crime hotspot or overlooks an unpleasant area. The security and a view are also very pertinent. a rooftop swimming pool does not satisfy your luxury self if the view is below average.

Safety and Security

Not just comfort, luxury apartments promise 24/7 safety and security. When finalising a luxury home, the buyers must look for safety measures to avoid criminal intrusion. Security doesn't mean the builder installs security grilles over windows and doors that obstruct the aesthetics of their homes. The occupants should feel safe and secure in all respects. A great luxury project has a combination of round the clock security personnel, the latest electronic monitoring and surveillance. Since luxury projects span over a huge area, solar fencing all around the property is a must.

Home Automation

Thanks to the Internet of Things, all smart appliances and the main door, lighting, Fans, AC can now be controlled with a command or via phone. Motion sensors for toilets are a luxury convenience you'll thank yourself later. Home automation makes your life a lot easier and makes you look like the beings from the future. Home automation technology also includes wifi-enabled cameras and smart mirrors that make you feel like a royal.


Space is not just a measure of living space but also includes parking sufficiency, branded and spacious elevators, separate hang out spots for kids, adults and the aged. Service elevators for outsiders, domestic help and external suppliers is a must to not populate the elevators. A waiting area for the residents near the lifts and an entry spacious enough to accommodate a stretcher is an added advantage.

Fitness facilities

A few decades ago, two shared treadmills in a small room passed the eligibility test to be called a fitness centre. Today, however, residents want more from their fitness centres. Spacious and separate fitness centres for yoga, cardio,etc offers more space for many to work out in peace. Gym suites, pools and spa rooms or saunas offer much fitness and rejuvenating space under one complex without having to make a separate schedule to attend a public complex.

As is evident, it takes more than a 'luxury' tag for a project to be a worthwhile investment option. If you are someone looking for a genuine luxury apartment in Hyderabad, head to VaishnaviInfracon. Alternatively, write to us

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